Guiliani on iMX.7

See our new Guiliani Demo running on NXP iMX.7 using Toradex Colibri iMX7.

Video from Altera about TES technologies D/AVE and Guiliani

The demo (recorded during Car-Ele Expo in japan) shows typical GPU graphics use cases and capabilities in combination with a subsequent warping-transformation of the GPU output image. Warping can be used e.g. for head-up displays or for camera lens corrections.

Altera Website

Car-Ele Automotive Electronics Expo

MP3 Player

This is a MP3 Player demo application for Windows, Windows Mobile 2003 and Linux. Is has much animation, alpha blending, and some more features.


MP3 Player for Windows

MP3 Player for Pocket PC

TES Guiliani running on Android

Guiliani is a portable framework for the creation of graphical user interfaces on embedded systems. Applications built with Guiliani will run on a huge range of target platforms, ranging from very small MCUs with ~100Mhz and ~100kB of RAM without operating system, or even FPGAs, up to powerful OpenGL(ES) accelerated devices running Linux, Windows, VxWorks, embOS, iOS etc. video channel
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