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Guiliani running on Intel Cyclone V SOC using D/AVE HD

Demo of TES Electronic Solutions D/AVE HD GPU and Configurable Display Controller (CDC) on an Intel Cyclone V SOC running our Guiliani GUI framework/p>

Highly customizable and portable 3D Surround View and HMI Framework by TES Electronic Solutions

Our Partner Toradex, a customer focused and innovative Swiss Company demonstrates highly customizable and portable 3D Surround View on Computer on Module - Apalis iMX6 Quad and HMI Framework Guiliani on colibri - iMX6ULL

Guiliani GUI on RZ/A GR-Peach

Demonstration of TES Guiliani on Renesas on RZ/A GR-Peach board

TES Guiliani Graphical User Interface on RZ/A Stream it! - RZ - V2.0

Demonstration of TES Guiliani on Renesas new solution kit Stream it! - RZ-V2.0. The Stream it!

Renesas RZ/A Guiliani-Lite PrePaid Program

Learn more about Renesas RZ/A Guiliani-Lite PrePaid Program.

Video 1: Introduction

Renesas introduce the “Prepaid by Renesas” TES Guiliani-Lite for RZ/A program and its benefits.

Video 2: Applications

Target applications of RZ/A TES Guiliani-Lite Prepaid.

Video 3: Platform

Target platform for the RZ/A TES Guiliani-Lite Prepaid program.

Guiliani on iMX.7

See our new Guiliani Demo running on NXP iMX.7 using Toradex Colibri iMX7.

Video from Altera about TES technologies D/AVE and Guiliani

The demo (recorded during Car-Ele Expo in japan) shows typical GPU graphics use cases and capabilities in combination with a subsequent warping-transformation of the GPU output image. Warping can be used e.g. for head-up displays or for camera lens corrections.

Altera Website

Car-Ele Automotive Electronics Expo