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Guiliani for RZ/A

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The award-winning RZ/A family of MPUs has been designed for Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) right from the start. The integration of large SRAM (up to 10MByte) enables unprecedented ease-of-use. Often without external SDRAM. Code execution can be from XIP-QSPI Flash memory. A vast array of powerful peripherals supports modern GUI applications perfectly. Please visit this page to learn more:

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Now you can get Guiliani-Lite "Prepaid by Renesas"!

RZ/A customers can get a commercial license for Guiliani-Lite free of charge (Note). Here is how to apply:

Apply for "Prepaid by Renesas" for RZ/A

This is your chance to speed up your GUI designs in a user-friendly development environment with features such as:

  • Modern, object orientated and customizable software to create stylish Graphical User Interfaces quickly
  • Data Pool concept = easily link your data & events to the GUI
  • Vast range of graphics assets
  • Powerful WYSIWYG PC streaming editor incl. simulator (GSE)
  • Flexible business models to meet your requirements
  • Support for bidirectional text, even input! Grow your market!
  • Supported by best in class design services

Guiliani GUI on RZ/A GR-Peach

TES Guiliani on Renesas RZ/A is the ideal combination for applications such as white goods, HVAC, medical & fitness, industrial automation, test & measurement.

There is a number of RZ/A evaluation kits available to try easily. For example, the popular "GR-Peach" kit:

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GR-Peach with Display

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Note: Terms & conditions apply. Please follow the application link to find out more.