Guiliani Technical Showcase (GuilianiDemo)

Screenshot GuilianiDemo.png

Windows Desktop (800x480 and 480x272)

Download GuilianiDemo for Windows Desktop (800x480)
Download GuilianiDemo for Windows Desktop (480x272)

arm-linux-genuebihf (800x480)

this can be run on the following devices:

  • i.MX6 ULL
  • i.MX7

Download GuilianiDemo for arm-linux-gnueabihf

Renesas GR-Peach (480x272)

Download GuilianiDemo for Renesas GR-Peach

STM32F4xx (240x320)

Download GuilianiDemo for STM32F4xx

coming soon

including the following platforms:

  • Windows-Desktop
  • Linux-Desktop
  • Renesas DisplayIt (RZ/A1H)
  • Renesas StreamIt (RZ/A1L)
  • Raspberry PI 3


Screenshot CoffeeDemo.png

Download Demo-Package

including the following platforms:

  • Windows-Desktop
  • Renesas DisplayIt (RZ/A1H)

Notes to the various platforms


to run the application in Windows just double-click the EXE-File in the correct folder of the package
please note: since the file was downloaded from the internet Windows 7 and later might show up a warning before it executes the application


to run the application transfer the contents to the downloaded zip-file onto the the device, change to the folder and execute the binary.
please note:at least the following libraries need to be installed on the device:

  • freetype 2.48+
  • png 1.6
  • zlib

Renesas DisplayIt/StreamIt/GR-Peach

to flash the binaries and the corresponding resources just execute the batch-file located in the the root-folder of the package
it will then show you a number of possible boards the application can be loaded to
please note: if a bootloader is neccessary for your board you will have to flash it before you can use the contents of the package. Also the neccessary tools needed for the flashing-process (e.g. SEGGER JLINK) need to be present in the JLINK-folder of the package (if automatic detection fails)

Renesas GR-Peach

to flash the downloaded binary just connect the GR-Peach-board via USB to PC and copy the file onto the newly added drive "MBED"
please note:if no new drive is added to the explorer you have used the wrong USB-port of the GR-Peach-board. use the one most away from the LAN-interface.


to flash the binary you will need a tool called "STM32 ST-LINK utility", which can be downloaded from STM-website
in the flashing application the following steps are to be executed:

  • connect target-board via USB-cable to PC
  • in ST-Link Utility:
    • click "Connect to the target"
    • click "Open file" and locate the hex-file of the application you want to flash
    • click "Program verify" and OK to flash the file

please note:at the beginning of the demo you will have to calibrate the touch-display by clicking on the the dots appearing in the corners of the display
also note:since the board is using a resistive touchscreen, you will need to use a stylus