Guiliani Technical Showcase

Screenshot GuilianiDemo.png

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including the following platforms:

  • Windows-Desktop
  • Linux-Desktop
  • Renesas DisplayIt (RZ/A1H)
  • Renesas StreamIt (RZ/A1L)
  • Renesas GR-Peach
  • NXP i.MX7
  • NXP i.MX6 ULL
  • Raspberry PI 3


Screenshot CoffeeDemo.png

Download Demo-Package

including the following platforms:

  • Windows-Desktop
  • Renesas DisplayIt (RZ/A1H)

Notes to the various platforms


to run the application in Windows just double-click the EXE-File in the correct folder of the package
please note: since the file was downloaded from the internet Windows 7 and later might show up a warning before it executes the application

Renesas DisplayIt/StreamIt/GR-Peach

to flash the binaries and the corresponding resources just execute the batch-file located in the the root of the package
it will then show you a number of possible boards the application can be loaded to
please note: if a bootloader is neccessary for your board you will have to flash it before you can use the contents of the package. Also the neccessary tools needed for the flashing-process (e.g. SEGGER JLINK) need to be present in the JLINK-folder of the package.