Using Guiliani 2.0 RZ/A with TES eGML SDK with e2Studio


Assumed knowledge

  • C++
  • General Handling of e² studio or eclipse


e² studio workspace

Select this directory as project workspace (relative to SDK directory):


The opened workspace includes three projects:

  • BSP: Renesas Board support package files
  • RZ_A1H_QSPI_LOADER: Loader for QSPI flash files
  • SR_ShowRoom: The ShowRoom demo

QSPI boot loader

The QSPI boot loader configures the QSPI FLASH to execute the application code at maximum speed. It can be configured for Single or Dual QSPI interfaces depending on your Hardware setup.

For debugging, it can also be configured for booting from RAM.

bin folder

Includes binaries for both Dual QSPI and Single QSPI flashes.

inc folder

Holds includes.


Holds linker script.

src folder

C sources

File/directory Description
qspi_controller_driver General driver for QSPI controller
main.c Program entry
qspi_change_config.c QSPI configuration
rza_io_regrw.c Register I/O

startup folder

low-level startup code

File Description
low_level_init_gcc.c C/C++ Inititlization; call to main function
reset_handler.S low-level Program entry
start.S Interrupt handler

Boot-up sequence

QSPI Boot loader

Possible Adaptions

  • The application entry point can be defined by setting APPLICATION_VECTOR_TABLE.
  • You can choose between dual or single QSPI by choosing the Build configuration

Board support package

Includes everything needed to run Guiliani on RZ/A. Its build can be configured as Release or Debug.

Directory Description
Architecture_support Common ARM drivers (i.e. caches)
Chip_support Special RZ/A drivers
Driver RZ/A peripheral drivers
Board_settings Set-up for Display-It board
FreeRTOS FreeRTOS Operating System
startup startup files for application


Directory Description
INTC Interrupt controller
OSTM Operating System Timer
RIIC I²C interface
SCIF_UART UART with Serial Communication Interface
VDC5 Video display controller

Possible Adaptions

  • Heap management of FreeRTOS
  • Touch driver
  • Video display controller


ShowRoom Demo project. it can be configured as Debug or Release version. For debugging, it can also be configured for booting from RAM.

Directory Description
common Common files over different Guiliani applications
include Project specific includes
linker_script linker script for both QSPI and RAM configurations
share shared files between GSE and Guiliani application
src Project specific sources


File Description
[include|src]/platform/FreeRTOS/StreamRuntimeStartup_FreeRTOS.[cpp|h] Target specific initialization of Wrappers and configurations
[include|src]/platform/win/StreamRuntimeStartup_FreeRTOS.[cpp|h] Windows specific initialization of Wrappers and configurations
[include|src]/StreamRuntimeConfig.[cpp|h] Loads project configuration
[include|src]/StreamRuntimeGUI.[cpp|h] Loads GUI
syscalls.c Support file for GNU libc from BSP, needs to be linked in Application project.


File Description
custom_extension Custom extensions.
guiconfig/UserConfig.h Configuration of used Wrappers in case of Windows build.
guiconfig/User*Resource.h Resource IDs generated by GSE.
guiconfig_custom Custom IDs for use in Guiliani application.
platform/*/StreamRuntime*.[cpp|h] Program entry points(main-function) for different platforms
Application.[cpp|h] Demo manager. Handles common demo functions
Demo_*.[cpp|h] Specific code for the different demo parts
MyGUI_SR.[cpp|h] GUI entry point


This file includes the input wrapper for Guiliani. its main method is GetEvent. GetEvent shall last at most uiIdleTime in milliseconds. In addition, the method should return as soon as possible after StopIdle is called. In this case, the GetEvent-method waits until either uiIdleTime is exceeded or an (asynchronous) event from the touch screen occurs or StopIdle was called. If an event occurred the touch controller is read out and a MouseEvent is generated.

In General, GetEvent can return either a Mouse Event or a Keyboard Event or NULL.

Dynamic behavior



Possible Adaptions

  • Everything except guiconfig/User*Resource.h. Use GSE generated files only.

Further information