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Guiliani is an easy-to-use framework for the quick and uncomplicated creation of visually appealing graphical user interfaces on embedded systems for all embedded engineers.

It combines the comfort of a PC based development toolchain with the benefits of a highly-optimized software framework, specifically designed for the use on resource-limited embedded hardware.
In addition to the modern C++ architecture of the framework the software engineer is supported by the Guilani Streaming Editor (GSE). The GSE allows you to easily create, modify or add functionality to elements of the GUI without the need of direct changes in the code.
Another advantage of the GSE is the easy management of resources such as images, texts and sounds, among others.

In the market today, products differentiate more and more through their GUI. Graphical User Interfaces have largely conquered our everyday life. Through the daily use of their smartphone or satellite navigation system, customers are used to operating their electronic devices via appealing GUI’s. Thanks to Guiliani, you can now offer such a comfortable user experience on your products, too. Benefit from a solid software that has been successfully used for more than 10 years, in millions of devices already.

  • Getting started with Guiliani Streaming Editor (GSE)
  • Low MCU load (typically ≤15%)
  • Perform your GUI with a high frame rate
  • Support of binary or XML-definitions for GUI appearance
  • Support for multilingual applications
  • Supports all types of input media
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Support of partial update of display content (depending on hardware)

“Prepaid by Renesas” RZ/A Program

Obtain a free-of-charge world-wide, unlimited production license for the Guiliani-Lite HMI framework on RZ/A family devices!

Getting started in four steps:

  1. Download the Guiliani SDK (with evaluation license) in our download area
  2. Apply for the Prepaid-by-Renesas license at
  3. Sign the TES Guiliani-Lite license contract
  4. TES will send you the Guiliani-Lite production license key

Minimum hardware requirements

These are the minimum hardware requirements for a device to be able to use Guiliani.

Criteria Requirements
MCU 100Mhz
ROM ~700kb for Guiliani without resources
RAM ~50kb for Guiliani without resources
Compiler C++ Compiler with exception Support
Operating System “bare-metal”, many OSs supported