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TES Electronic Solutions offers complete Turn-Key HMI development where we develop everything from the first concept to the final product level HMI. That includes all conceptual work e.g. on the human factors aspects as well as the arts design, electronics, software and mechanics. Typically, such projects are performed in a very interactive way with our customer, in order that our customer’s corporate identity and technical requirements are met. We are happy to incorporate work packages that our customer wants to do in-house.

Our experts have many years of experience e.g. in White Goods applications, but we are also addressing markets like Industrial, Smart Home, IoT, and Medical.

We can support you in all development phases. Our expert team provides:

Design support

  • We bring your GUI design on your device with optimal performance with or without GSE.
  • GUI Design.

GUI development

  • We implement your application using Guiliani
  • We bind Guiliani to your application
  • Development of customer specific Guiliani widgets or behaviours
  • Performance optimizations
  • Code Review - We review your GUI source code and give you suggestions in all development phases

Porting Guiliani

  • We port Guiliani to run it on your CPU
  • We port Guiliani to use your OS
  • We port Guiliani to use your display device
  • We port Guiliani to use your input device which may be a
    • Touchscreen
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard
    • Gesture sensor
    • Speech recognition
    • ...

Please feel free to contact us