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Guiliani V2.1 SDK for Renesas RZ/A with FreeRTOS and e² studio

About Renesas RZ/A

Driven by smart phones customers expect “Smart HMIs” on all kind of devices: Modern graphical control elements (widgets) combined with smooth animations on high-resolution touch-screen displays replace single-color segment displays and hard-keys.

Renesas has presented the RZ/A embedded Microprocessor (eMPU) series (see targeting such “Smart HMIs” in all kind of markets.

With its 400MHz ARM-Cortex-A9 Core, up to 10MB on-chip SRAM and integrated display controller the RZ/A is the ideal platform for the Guiliani HMI framework allowing to exploit Guiliani’s powerful HMI capabilities.

RZ A web.png

Guiliani and Guiliani-Lite can be licensed for the RZ/A with customer-selectable operation system and system configuration. Low-volume as well as large-volume license models are possible. Please contact TES sales ([1]) for more information and quotes.

Guiliani on Renesas RSK-RZA1 (DisplayIt) and StreamIt Board with FreeRTOS and e² studio

A Guiliani SDK for Renesas RZ/A with FreeRTOS OS and e2studio including a Guiliani evaluation license is available for free-of-charge download via:

>> Download Renesas RZ/A with FreeRTOS and e² studio <<

As part of the SDK the package includes a Guiliani example application demonstrating a selection of Guiliani widgets and capabilities like carousel, wheels, gauges, sliders, rich text, multi-language support, skinning and animations.

The package also includes the Guiliani graphical user interface designer (GSE) and the corresponding example project files and tools to easily modify and extend the example application on a PC, to run a simulation on a PC and download the result to the DisplayIt and StreamIt ([2]) boards.

Guiliani-Lite “Prepaid by Renesas” production license at no-cost for RZ/A customers

Renesas and TES offer every RZ/A customer a Guiliani-Lite production license for RZ/A with FreeRTOS OS and e2studio IDE:

  • world-wide
  • perpetual
  • unlimited workseats
  • unlimited number of projects and products

More information and registration links to the “Prepaid by Renesas” Guiliani-Lite program can be found at: [3]

SDK System Information

  • Evaluation board: Renesas Starter Kit+ for RZ/A1 (Device Part No.: R7S721001 (RZ/A1H)) ([4])
  • IDE: e² studio v5.0
  • OS: Free RTOS V8.2.3
  • HMI Framework: TES Guiliani V2.1
  • Graphics-Library: TES eGML V1.40 RLE