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Guiliani Streaming Editor or GSE for short is an easy-to-use WYSIWYG GUI editor tool for artists, interaction designers, and developers. It allows you to design intuitive user interfaces including prototyping and deployment on embedded targets.

Gse workflow.jpg

With GSE you can design your GUI without any programming skills. It features all Guiliani widgets and can import all kinds of resources (e.g. images, fonts, etc.). You can easily manage multiple languages including the import and export of translations, e.g. to deliver them to a translator. GSE includes also an easy way to start your GUI on the host systems for testing or include scripts to export it to your target.

GSE UI 20210115JH.png

The editor itself is built using Guiliani and supports all features that are integrated into Guiliani. So it can be used on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Animation Editor

The GSE has an animation editor, this makes it a breeze to create, edit and embed animated content in the GUI. For a quick result, just start a recording, capture animations as easy as a video on your smartphone. After starting the recording, simply move the object in real time in the GSE.

Importing from other sources

The GSE also allows to import projects from other programs. Currently Photoshop and TouchGFX are supported.

Import from Photoshop

Importing from Photoshop allows you to easily import or update the graphics created by your designer in Photoshop into a GSE project. If you follow GSE's naming convention for Photoshop, complete GUIs including the individual GUI components (e.g. buttons, sliders, ...) can be created automatically during import.

Import of TouchGFX projects

The import of TouchGFX projects is currently supported up to version 4.19. By importing your existing TouchGFX-project into the GSE enables you to use it on many other platforms apart from ST.

Automatic conversion to the optimal graphics format for your hardware.

Sometimes graphics are not in the optimal or even usable format for their target hardware. The GSE itself works with most common graphic formats, so the graphic designer does not have to worry about which specific format they need the files in. Before the GSE starts to export the streaming data for you, you can configure in which format it should provide the graphics files for the target hardware and thus achieve an optimal result in terms of performance and display.

Short Intro of the Guiliani Streaming Editor (GSE)

The GSE is available here for download (currently Windows and Linux)


  • Easy-to-use workflow
  • Dynamic guidelines
  • Easy alignment of objects
  • Every attribute of all controls can be changed
  • GUI can be simulated directly on designer’s workstation
  • Extensible by custom commands, widgets, behaviours, etc.
  • Connect controls and your application using DataPool
  • Import from other sources