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Guiliani for the emtrion ARGON Kit

Our powerful, easy-to-use Guiliani GUI framework on the emtrion ARGON Kit offers a low-cost GUI solution using Linux. In particular the emtrion Developers Kit enables very fast development, because everything you need to get started is included. For mass-production purposes, emtrion can deliver the emSTAMP-ARGON board in volume. Development of custom-specific versions is also a key competency of emtrion, as is related software development. And at TES Electronic Solutions we are happy to support any kind of engineering services beyond that. Please don't hesitate to contact us: info (AT) We are looking forward to hear from you!

Download the SDK for the STM32MP157-based Linux Kit here:

This Developers Kit includes the emSTAMP-ARGON board powered by the STM32MP157CAC microprocessor and a 480x800 pixels TFT display, as well as power supply. The default memory configuration is 512MB SDRAM, 8GB eMMC Flash and 2MB QSPI NOR Flash:

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Guiliani on the emtrion ARGON Kit Impressions

Please contact info (AT) for more details.