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Here you can download different versions of the Guiliani-SDK for development on desktop-systems (Windows, Linux). The SDKs for Windows come in various versions depending on the used version of Visual Studio to compile the libraries. Learn more about guiliani

Guiliani 2.3 (RC2)

This version of the Guiliani-SDK is NOT intended for production! It is just a preview-version to see future changes in Guiliani. Also this version might contain several issues and might not be compatible with previous versions. Projects created with a previous version of GSE will get converted automatically. Also Documentation might not be completely final.

Guiliani 2.2


Windows-version also included in RZ/A-based SDKs (Eval-Kits)

coming soon

  • Guiliani 2.2 SDK including GSE (Windows/VS2017)
  • Guiliani 2.2 SDK including GSE (Windows/MINGW32)


Guiliani 2.1