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Guiliani Technical Showcase (GuilianiDemo)

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GSE Project

This package includes all neccassary project files to open GuilianiDemo within GSE. There are several resolutions included (800x480 480x272 240x320)

Download GuilianiDemo (GSE Project)

Pre-Compiled Binaries

Note: the used Graphics-library is listed after the platform-name (e.g. eGML, BLU, OpenGL)

Windows Desktop (eGML) (480x272, 800x480 and 1280x720)

Download GuilianiDemo for Windows Desktop

Linux (arm-linux-genuebihf with eGML) (800x480)

this can be run on mostly any Linux-powered devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Atmel SAMA5, etc.) it is tested on:

  • i.MX6 ULL
  • i.MX7

You can use the commandline-options to change resolution and input-devices (see --help for more information)

Download GuilianiDemo for arm-linux-gnueabihf

Linux (emtrion emsbc-argon with OpenGL ES) (800x480)

Download GuilianiDemo for emtrion emsbc-argon

Renesas GR-Peach (eGML) (480x272)

Download GuilianiDemo for Renesas GR-Peach

Renesas GR-Mango (eGML) (800x480)

Download GuilianiDemo for Renesas GR-Mango

STM32F4xx (BLU) (240x320)

Download GuilianiDemo for STM32F4xx

STM32F7xx (BLU) (480x272)

Download GuilianiDemo for STM32F7xx