Create a project from scratch with Guiliani 2.2 RZ/A with TES eGML SDK with e2Studio

From Guiliani

Create a project from scratch with Guiliani 2.2 SDK (e2Studio)

  1. Open SDK folder in explorer.
  2. Copy directory StreamRuntime give it a name of your choice (later referred as <YourProject>).
  3. in sub directory Renesas make a copy of the folder StreamRuntime and give it the name <YourProject>.
  4. rename jlink and launch configurations, replacing StreamRuntime with <YourProject>.
  5. Open e2studio and select Renesas folder as workspace.
  6. Import <YourProject> to the workspace.
  7. Change the following directory links to point to in the respective sub directories of <YourProject>:
    • Common
    • Include
    • linker_script
    • Source
  8. Check if the the same files as in the StreamRuntime project are marked as excluded for all build configurations.
  9. In the tool settings Compiler/Source Change all Include paths pointing to StreamRuntime to <YourProject>.