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CGUISingleCmdBehaviour Class Reference

Execute a command when a specific event occurs. More...

#include <GUISingleCmdBehaviour.h>

Inheritance diagram for CGUISingleCmdBehaviour:

Public Member Functions

 CGUISingleCmdBehaviour ()
virtual ~CGUISingleCmdBehaviour ()
virtual CGUIBehaviourDecoratorClone () const
virtual void ReadFromStream ()
void SetCmdForBehaviour (CGUICommandPtr pCommand, const BehaviourType_t &eBehaviourType)
virtual void WriteToStream (const eC_Bool bWriteClassID=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIBehaviourDecorator
virtual ~CGUIBehaviourDecorator ()
virtual eC_Bool IsCompositeBehaviour () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIBehaviour
virtual eC_Bool DoUserEvent (CGUIEvent *const pEvent)
virtual eC_Bool DoMouseMove (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIStreamableObject
const eC_String & GetXMLTag () const
void SetXMLTag (const eC_String &kXMLTag)

Static Public Attributes

static const eC_Char XMLTAG_BEHAVIOURTYPE [] = "BehaviourType"
 XML tag to be used when writing a behaviour type into a stream.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CGUIBehaviour
static const eC_Char XMLTAG_BEHAVIOURCLASSID [] = "BehaviourClassID"
 XML tag to be used when writing a behaviour class ID into a stream.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CGUIStreamableObject
static const eC_Char XMLTAG_CLASSVERSION [] = "ClassVersion"

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ExecuteCommand (const BehaviourType_t &eFromBehaviour)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUICmdBehaviour
 CGUICmdBehaviour ()
virtual ~CGUICmdBehaviour ()
virtual eC_Bool Decrease ()
virtual eC_Bool DoButtonDown (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoButtonUp (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoChar (const eC_UInt &uiKey, const GUIKeyIdentifier_t &eKeyID, const eC_UInt &uiModifiers)
virtual eC_Bool DoClick (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool DoDoubleClick (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool DoDrag (const eC_Value &vDeltaX, const eC_Value &vDeltaY, const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoDragEnd (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoKeyDown (const GUIKeyIdentifier_t &eKeyID, const eC_UInt &uiModifiers)
virtual eC_Bool DoKeyUp (const GUIKeyIdentifier_t &eKeyID, const eC_UInt &uiModifiers)
virtual eC_Bool DoLongClick (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool DoMouseEnter (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoMouseLeave (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoScrollDown (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoScrollLeft (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoScrollRight (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoScrollUp (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool FocusNext (CGUIObject *const pRefObj=NULL, const eC_Bool &bSubTreeOfRefObjDone=false)
virtual eC_Bool FocusPrevious (CGUIObject *const pRefObj=NULL, const eC_Bool &bSubTreeOfRefObjDone=false)
virtual void GetFocus ()
virtual eC_Bool Increase ()
virtual void LoseFocus ()
virtual void OnCreate ()
virtual void OnDelete ()
virtual void OnHide ()
virtual void OnShow ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIBehaviourDecorator
 CGUIBehaviourDecorator (CGUIObject *const pObject=NULL)
 CGUIBehaviourDecorator (const CGUIBehaviourDecorator &kSource)
virtual void AssociatedObjectChanges (CGUIObject *const pNewAssociatedObject)
CGUIObjectGetAssociatedObject () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIStreamableObject
eC_UInt ReadStreamingHeader (const eC_UInt &uiClassVersion, const eC_UInt &uiClassMinVersion=0) const
void WriteStreamingFooter (const eC_Bool &bWriteClassID) const
void WriteStreamingHeader (const eC_Bool &bWriteClassID, const eC_Char *const pkClassIDTag, const eC_Int &iClassID, const eC_UInt &uiClassVersion) const

Detailed Description

Execute a command when a specific event occurs.

This class gives the possibility to execute a command when a specific event (e.g. click event, drag event, etc.) occurs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGUISingleCmdBehaviour()

CGUISingleCmdBehaviour::CGUISingleCmdBehaviour ( )


◆ ~CGUISingleCmdBehaviour()

virtual CGUISingleCmdBehaviour::~CGUISingleCmdBehaviour ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

CGUIBehaviourDecorator * CGUISingleCmdBehaviour::Clone ( ) const

Creates an exact copy of this behaviour. Should be re-implemented by each derived class to return the correct type of behaviour.

the created copy.

Reimplemented from CGUIBehaviourDecorator.

◆ ExecuteCommand()

void CGUISingleCmdBehaviour::ExecuteCommand ( const BehaviourType_t &  eFromBehaviour)

Executes the command for the given behaviour, if it is equal to the stored one.

eFromBehaviourBehaviour slot from which this method was called.

Implements CGUICmdBehaviour.

◆ ReadFromStream()

void CGUISingleCmdBehaviour::ReadFromStream ( )

Reads attributes from the streaming file. Only for use with GUIFactoryManager.

See also

Reimplemented from CGUIStreamableObject.

◆ SetCmdForBehaviour()

void CGUISingleCmdBehaviour::SetCmdForBehaviour ( CGUICommandPtr  pCommand,
const BehaviourType_t &  eBehaviourType 

Sets the command for a specific behaviour.

pCommandThe command to execute.
eBehaviourTypeThe behaviour type.

◆ WriteToStream()

void CGUISingleCmdBehaviour::WriteToStream ( const eC_Bool  bWriteClassID = false)

Writes attributes to the streaming file. A CGUIStreamWriter has to be initialized.

bWriteClassIDThis flag is used to switch writing of the class ID, leading and trailing tags. When implementing a new streamable object, check this flag. If it is true, first write the class ID, then continue with this object's attributes, and finally call the base class implementation with this flag set to false (this is the default).

Reimplemented from CGUIStreamableObject.

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