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CGUISetObjectVisualsCmd Class Reference

An example for a custom command that changes the object visuals of an GUIObject. More...

#include <GUISetObjectVisualsCmd.h>

Inheritance diagram for CGUISetObjectVisualsCmd:

Public Member Functions

 CGUISetObjectVisualsCmd (ObjectHandle_t eTargetObject, eC_Bool bChangePosition, eC_Value vTargetX, eC_Value vTargetY, eC_Bool bAnimatePosition, eC_UInt uiPositionDuration, CGUIEasing::EasingType_t ePositionEasing, eC_Bool bChangeSize, eC_Value vTargetWidth, eC_Value vTargetHeight, eC_Bool bAnimateSize, eC_UInt uiSizeDuration, CGUIEasing::EasingType_t eSizeEasing, eC_Bool bChangeAlpha, eC_UByte ubTargetAlpha, eC_Bool bAnimateAlpha, eC_UInt uiAlphaDuration, CGUIEasing::EasingType_t eAlphaEasing)
 CGUISetObjectVisualsCmd ()
 Default constructor to be used by a factory.
virtual void ReadFromStream ()
virtual void WriteToStream (const eC_Bool bWriteClassID=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUICommand
void AddAdditionalCmd (CGUICommandPtr pkCmd, eC_Bool bOneTime=false)
CGUICommandPtr GetAdditionalCmd (const eC_UInt &uiIndex) const
eC_UInt GetNumberOfAdditionalCmds () const
eC_UInt GetPriority () const
eC_UInt GetTimeUntilNextExecution () const
eC_Bool IsFinished () const
void RemoveAdditionalCmd (CGUICommandPtr pkCmd)
void RemoveAllAdditionalCmds ()
 Removes all additional commands from this command's list.
void SetPriority (eC_UInt uiPriority)
void SetTimeUntilNextExecution (eC_UInt uiTime)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIStreamableObject
const eC_String & GetXMLTag () const
void SetXMLTag (const eC_String &kXMLTag)
- Public Member Functions inherited from NSmartPtr::RefCounted
 RefCounted ()
 Create RefCounted object. The reference count is initialized to 0.
virtual ~RefCounted ()
 Destroy reference counted object.
void AddRef ()
 Increase reference count.
eC_Int RefCount () const
void Release ()
bool Unique () const

Protected Member Functions

void Do ()
 Implements the actual command functionality.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUICommand
 CGUICommand (const eC_UInt uiPriority=0, const eC_UInt uiTimeUntilFirstExecution=0, const eC_Bool bFinished=true)
virtual ~CGUICommand ()
void SetToBeFinished (eC_Bool bIsFinished)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIStreamableObject
eC_UInt ReadStreamingHeader (const eC_UInt &uiClassVersion, const eC_UInt &uiClassMinVersion=0) const
void WriteStreamingFooter (const eC_Bool &bWriteClassID) const
void WriteStreamingHeader (const eC_Bool &bWriteClassID, const eC_Char *const pkClassIDTag, const eC_Int &iClassID, const eC_UInt &uiClassVersion) const

Protected Attributes

eC_Bool m_bAnimateAlpha
 animate alpha
eC_Bool m_bAnimatePosition
 animate position
eC_Bool m_bAnimateSize
 animate size
eC_Bool m_bChangeAlpha
 change alpha
eC_Bool m_bChangePosition
 change position
eC_Bool m_bChangeSize
 change size
CGUIEasing::EasingType_t m_eAlphaEasing
CGUIEasing::EasingType_t m_ePositionEasing
CGUIEasing::EasingType_t m_eSizeEasing
ObjectHandle_t m_eTargetObject
 Target object ID.
eC_UByte m_ubTargetAlpha
 target alpha-value
eC_UInt m_uiAlphaDuration
 animation duration
eC_UInt m_uiPositionDuration
 animation duration
eC_UInt m_uiSizeDuration
 animation duration
eC_Value m_vTargetHeight
 target height
eC_Value m_vTargetWidth
 target width
eC_Value m_vTargetX
 target x-position
eC_Value m_vTargetY
 target y-position

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from CGUICommand
static const eC_Char XMLTAG_ADDITIONALCMDCOUNT [] = "AdditionalCmdCount"
 XML tag to be used when writing the additional command count into a stream.
static const eC_Char XMLTAG_COMMANDCLASSID [] = "CommandClassID"
 XML tag to be used when writing the command class ID into a stream.
static const eC_Char XMLTAG_REMOVE_AFTER_EXECUTION [] = "RemoveAfterExecution"
 XML tag to be used when writing the remove after execution flag.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CGUIStreamableObject
static const eC_Char XMLTAG_CLASSVERSION [] = "ClassVersion"

Detailed Description

An example for a custom command that changes the object visuals of an GUIObject.

The target object is referenced by an object ID that has to be passed to the constructor. When this command is executed, it tries to find the specified object. If no object is found, this command does nothing. If the object is found, the object visuals are changed according the given values.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGUISetObjectVisualsCmd()

CGUISetObjectVisualsCmd::CGUISetObjectVisualsCmd ( ObjectHandle_t  eTargetObject,
eC_Bool  bChangePosition,
eC_Value  vTargetX,
eC_Value  vTargetY,
eC_Bool  bAnimatePosition,
eC_UInt  uiPositionDuration,
CGUIEasing::EasingType_t  ePositionEasing,
eC_Bool  bChangeSize,
eC_Value  vTargetWidth,
eC_Value  vTargetHeight,
eC_Bool  bAnimateSize,
eC_UInt  uiSizeDuration,
CGUIEasing::EasingType_t  eSizeEasing,
eC_Bool  bChangeAlpha,
eC_UByte  ubTargetAlpha,
eC_Bool  bAnimateAlpha,
eC_UInt  uiAlphaDuration,
CGUIEasing::EasingType_t  eAlphaEasing 


eTargetObjectThe ID of the object to be modified by this command.
bChangePositionIf true, the position will be changed
vTargetXTarget value of the x-position
vTargetYTarget value of the y-position
bAnimatePositionIf true the object will be animated to the new position
uiPositionDurationDuration of the animation to change the position
ePositionEasingEasing which is used for animating the position
bChangeSizeIf true, the size will be changed
vTargetWidthTarget value of the width
vTargetHeightTarget value of the height
bAnimateSizeIf true the object will be animated to the new size
uiSizeDurationDuration of the animation to the change the size
eSizeEasingEasing which is used for animating the size
bChangeAlphaIf true, the alpha-value will be changed
ubTargetAlphaTarget value of the alpha
bAnimateAlphaIf true the object will be animated to the new alpha-value
uiAlphaDurationDuration of the animation to change the alpha-value
eAlphaEasingEasing which is used for animating the alpha-value

Member Function Documentation

◆ ReadFromStream()

void CGUISetObjectVisualsCmd::ReadFromStream ( )

Reads all attributes from streaming file. This method is called by CGUIFactoryManager after one of the registered factories has created an instance of this class.

Reimplemented from CGUICommand.

◆ WriteToStream()

void CGUISetObjectVisualsCmd::WriteToStream ( const eC_Bool  bWriteClassID = false)

Writes all attributes to the streaming file. A CGUIStreamWriter has to be initialized first.

bWriteClassIDThis flag is used to select if writing of command class ID, leading and trailing tags is performed.

Reimplemented from CGUICommand.

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