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CGUIExpandingCompositeBehaviour Class Reference

#include <GUIExpandingComposite.h>

Inheritance diagram for CGUIExpandingCompositeBehaviour:

Public Member Functions

 CGUIExpandingCompositeBehaviour ()
virtual eC_Bool DoClick (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIBehaviourDecorator
virtual ~CGUIBehaviourDecorator ()
virtual CGUIBehaviourDecoratorClone () const
virtual eC_Bool IsCompositeBehaviour () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIBehaviour
virtual eC_Bool DoUserEvent (CGUIEvent *const pEvent)
virtual void OnCreate ()
virtual void OnDelete ()
virtual void OnHide ()
virtual void OnShow ()
virtual eC_Bool DoLongClick (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool DoDoubleClick (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool DoButtonDown (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool DoButtonUp (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool DoDrag (const eC_Value &vDeltaX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vDeltaY=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool DoDragEnd (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool DoMouseEnter (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool DoMouseLeave (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool DoMouseMove (const eC_Value &vAbsX=eC_FromInt(-1), const eC_Value &vAbsY=eC_FromInt(-1))
virtual eC_Bool FocusPrevious (CGUIObject *const pRefObj=NULL, const eC_Bool &bSubTreeOfRefObjDone=false)
virtual eC_Bool FocusNext (CGUIObject *const pRefObj=NULL, const eC_Bool &bSubTreeOfRefObjDone=false)
virtual void GetFocus ()
virtual void LoseFocus ()
virtual eC_Bool Decrease ()
virtual eC_Bool Increase ()
virtual eC_Bool DoKeyDown (const GUIKeyIdentifier_t &eKeyIdentifier, const eC_UInt &uiModifiers)
virtual eC_Bool DoKeyUp (const GUIKeyIdentifier_t &eKeyIdentifier, const eC_UInt &uiModifiers)
virtual eC_Bool DoChar (const eC_UInt &uiKey, const GUIKeyIdentifier_t &eKeyIdentifier, const eC_UInt &uiModifiers)
virtual eC_Bool DoScrollUp (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoScrollDown (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoScrollLeft (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
virtual eC_Bool DoScrollRight (const eC_Value &vAbsX, const eC_Value &vAbsY)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIStreamableObject
const eC_String & GetXMLTag () const
virtual void ReadFromStream ()
void SetXMLTag (const eC_String &kXMLTag)
virtual void WriteToStream (const eC_Bool bWriteClassID=false)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from CGUIBehaviour
static const eC_Char XMLTAG_BEHAVIOURCLASSID [] = "BehaviourClassID"
 XML tag to be used when writing a behaviour class ID into a stream.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CGUIStreamableObject
static const eC_Char XMLTAG_CLASSVERSION [] = "ClassVersion"
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIBehaviourDecorator
 CGUIBehaviourDecorator (CGUIObject *const pObject=NULL)
 CGUIBehaviourDecorator (const CGUIBehaviourDecorator &kSource)
virtual void AssociatedObjectChanges (CGUIObject *const pNewAssociatedObject)
CGUIObjectGetAssociatedObject () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIStreamableObject
eC_UInt ReadStreamingHeader (const eC_UInt &uiClassVersion, const eC_UInt &uiClassMinVersion=0) const
void WriteStreamingFooter (const eC_Bool &bWriteClassID) const
void WriteStreamingHeader (const eC_Bool &bWriteClassID, const eC_Char *const pkClassIDTag, const eC_Int &iClassID, const eC_UInt &uiClassVersion) const

Detailed Description

This behaviour is used to process click-events on the group-heading to expand/collapse the client-area

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGUIExpandingCompositeBehaviour()

CGUIExpandingCompositeBehaviour::CGUIExpandingCompositeBehaviour ( )

Special constructor for the group-heading

Member Function Documentation

◆ DoClick()

eC_Bool CGUIExpandingCompositeBehaviour::DoClick ( const eC_Value &  vAbsX = eC_FromInt(-1),
const eC_Value &  vAbsY = eC_FromInt(-1) 

Called when the object receives a click event. A click can e.g., be the result of a mouse click, a finger press/release sequence on touchscreens, or be triggered by a GK_ACTION keyboard event.

DoClick() should work on the absolute positions of this object, that were set at the time of the passed redraw, as the user expects to click on what he sees and not to click on an object in a newer and probably intermediate state that he currently does not see. Thus, to calculate the relative position (where the mouse button was pressed and released at the same position for in a certain time span, relative to the origin of this object) from the vAbsY argument you must do it like this: vMyRelYPos = vAbsY - GetAbsYPos().
vAbsXX-position in screen coordinates where the click occurred
vAbsYY-position in screen coordinates where the click occurred
True The event has been handled.
False The event has not been handled. In this base implementation it always returns False.

Reimplemented from CGUIBehaviour.

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