Guiliani is an easy-to-use framework for the quick and uncomplicated creation of visually appealing graphical user interfaces on embedded systems.

It combines the comfort of a PC based development toolchain with the benefits of a highly-optimized software framework, specifically designed for the use on resource-limited embedded hardware.

In the market today, products differentiate more and more through their GUI. Graphical User Interfaces have largely conquered our everyday life. Through the daily use of their smartphone or satellite navigation system, customers are used to operating their electronic devices via appealing GUI’s. Thanks to Guiliani, you can now offer such a comfortable user experience on your products, too.

Top News

Renesas Electronics Europe and TES deliver TES Guiliani-LITE prepaid HMI production package for the RZ/A Series


Fore more information click here.


Please read our article: Guiliani 2.0 SDK including GSE for Renesas RZ/A (FreeRTOS for e2studio)

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